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Kat Sloma over at Kat Eye Studio says some interesting things about the way she feels about photography
It’s a way to express my feelings — heart and soul.
It’s a way to be in the moment
The process is what matters

I understand this completely, and I have decided to join her this year in her monthly Photo-Heart Connection project.

Thank you Rinda for the link

This is the photo I have chosen from December 2012.

PHC December 2012

When I saw this on my screen it made me smile, it brought back such strong feelings from the evening I took it. It speaks to me of family and happiness.
It has the warmth of the fire that we were sitting by, the reflection of the Christmas lights that surrounded us, and the darkness of the late evening. It reminds me that it was December, just before Christmas, we were sitting in the garden! And yes it tells me that we were sharing a drink, Disaronno, my favourite Christmas time drink.

The close connection with my family truly speaks to my heart.

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14 thoughts on “Photo Heart Connection

  1. I’m so glad to see one of my blog friends joining the meme!
    What a beautiful photograph – the color of the disaronno and the bokeh, lighting and depth of field are fantastic. And I love the emotions/feelings behind it. Nicely done.

  2. What lovely warm colours in your image! The colour of the drink is gorgeous and I can feel the intimate moment coming through the atmosphere. Family connections and feelings of happiness, a lovely photo-heart connection!

  3. The warmth and depth of this is just perfect – and so clear … I’ve never come across Disaronno so off to Google. I am sure you’ll be treating us to some wonderful photography this year …

  4. Hi1 Welcome to the group! Your image just radiates warm and happiness. The colors are lovely — I’m not familiar with disaronno, but its rich color is beautiful! Nothing like happy family memories!

  5. I feel the warmth of the moment in the image and the words you share. I can tell the drink has been sipped. I can tell you are in the company of others. And I can tell how much joy it brings you. Thank you so, so much for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection! It’s lovely to have you!

  6. Love the warmth in this photo. the legs floating down the glass-you sense the warmth you speak about in the room and with the company you shared. I can see why it’s a favorite.

  7. Miriam, not only is this such a beautiful photograph, but it is such a perfect Photo-Heart connection. As I stare at this photo, I am reminded of my own wonderful Christmas, on the day when some of the decorations are being put away. 🙁

  8. Your image is beautiful! I can feel the warmth and love that you felt when you took this! I’m glad you’ve decided to join PHC. It’s always inspiring doing the excercise and reading what others have posted!

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