I make lists

March 2010 101 things I love right now

♥ Blackbirds singing in my garden ♥ Cabbage ♥ Green beans ♥ Toast ♥ Rachmaninov ♥ Classical music ♥ Classic fm ♥

Cream cakes ♥ The colour of my hair ♥ E-mailing friends ♥ My mac ♥ Cheese & Onion Crisps ♥ Pepsi ♥ Daffodils ♥

My car ♥ The colour purple ♥ Eggs ♥ Cheesy biscuits ♥ Bombay Blue gin and full strength tonic ♥ Fish and chips from Papas ♥ Making scrapbook pages ♥ Taking pictures♥ Hot cross buns ♥ Boots ♥ My brothers ♥ Lipstick ♥ Bacon♥

My craft room ♥ The i player ♥ The chandelier in my craft room ♥ The chandelier in our gazebo ♥ A high tide♥

My hair straightners ♥ Flowers in the house ♥ Wind chimes ♥ Dangly things ♥ Greyhounds ♥ Cuddling Pepsi ♥

♥ Strawberries, bananas and cream ♥ Making time to cook ♥ Fabric ♥ Leerdammer cheese ♥ Watching the sea ♥

Being in Looe ♥ My bed ♥ A tidy kitchen ♥ Strawberry ice cream with cream on the top ♥ Clotted cream ice cream in Looe ♥ Pictures of the sea ♥ Making cards ♥ My mac ♥ White bed linen ♥ Clean bed linen ♥ Clear worktops ♥

Going to a concert ♥ Shoes ♥ Potatoes ♥ Ordering stuff from the internet ♥ Watching a dvd in the evening ♥ Magazines ♥ Sewing stuff ♥ Lavender anything ♥ Going out for a meal with friends ♥ Clothes ♥ Beethoven ♥ Mozart ♥ A manicure ♥

Knitting flowers ♥ Christie Moore ♥ Hats ♥ Van Morrison ♥ Caesar salad ♥ Shopping in Waitrose
♥ Cashel blue cheese ♥ Fruity shower gel ♥ Going to the hairdresser ♥ A pedicure ♥ Making stuff ♥ The smell of bread baking ♥ De-caff instant coffee ♥ Shortbread biscuits ♥ J2O any pink one ♥

Needle felting ♥ Making flowers on my flower loom ♥ Making books using my bind-it-all ♥ Our new tornado red Golf ♥ Snowdrops ♥ My new leather jacket ♥ Watching chickens in the field ♥ Lunch with a girlfriend ♥ Craft blogs ♥

Handbags ♥ Going to John Lewis in Cribbs Causeway ♥ Mooching in a craft shop ♥ Tea ♥ My i pod ♥ A new necklace ♥ Paul working from home ♥ New earrings ♥ Bowls…my name is Miriam and I love bowls ♥ Boxes with lids ♥

♥♥Making lists♥♥

99 random things about me

  1. I slept under the stars
  2. I watched a meteor shower
  3. I sang a solo
  4. I have been to Paris
  5. I have lived in a foreign country
  6. I have watched a lightning storm
  7. I have grown my own vegetables
  8. I have hitch hiked
  9. I have taken a sick day when I could have struggled in
  10. I held a very new lamb
  11. I have been skinny dipping
  12. I have seen a total eclipse
  13. I can drive
  14. I have stayed up all night at a ball
  15. I have watched a sunrise
  16. I have been on a cruise (if a mini cruise counts)
  17. I have seen Niagara Falls
  18. I have been transported in an ambulance (inc. blue flashing lights)
  19. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  20. I have donated blood
  21. I have seen the Changing of the Guards in London
  22. I have been a passenger on a motorbike
  23. I have had a baby
  24. I have 2 mobile phones
  25. I have been stung by a bee
  26. I have been through IVF
  27. I have driven on the rh side of the road
  28. I have driven in the snow in Canada
  29. Eating pineapple gives me mouth ulcers
  30. The only canned soup I eat is mushroom potage.
  31. but I love any soup I make myself!
  32. I love green beans
  33. And Caesar salad
  34. And all shell fish
  35. I use my mac every day
  36. I have a greyhound
  37. I am afraid of the dentist
  38. I love having my nails done
  39. I would love to have gone to art college
  40. I research our family tree
  41. I love being in bed
  42. I love Bombay Blue gin and full strength tonic
  43. I find chopping veg very therapeutic
  44. I am terrified of moths
  45. I get vertigo
  46. I can swim
  47. I wish I could sing well
  48. I love to be by the water but have no desire to be on it
  49. I love to watch a film but
  50. I don’t like going to the cinema
  51. Purple is my favourite colour
  52. I love to wear a hat
  53. I believe in the power of prayer
  54. I can be very indecisive
  55. I was born & brought up a catholic
  56. Lots of my close family died in March
  57. My hair gets curlier as I grow older
  58. I don’t think Leonard Cohen’s music is depressing
  59. I have my ears pierced
  60. I hardly ever sleep well
  61. I have bad dreams
  62. I can knit
  63. I hated my name when I was young
  64. I have four names: Miriam Mary Bernadette Therese
  65. My middle school was a convent
  66. I was bullied at secondary school because I had a posh accent
  67. I have had shingles
  68. I was on tv once, it was a news item
  69. I watch “Bridges of Madison County” every year around valentine’s night.
  70. I have never broken a bone
  71. I miss my mum
  72. I took a road trip…two weeks 4 adults 2 kids staying In motels…  Montreal to New England…
  73. I wear purple and red together
  74. I was with someone when they died
  75. I have five brothers
  76. I drink tea in the morning
  77. I drink de-caff coffee
  78. I like to shop in Waitrose
  79. I can’t resist buying bowls
  80. I have a passion for handbags
  81. I let Pepsi sleep on my bed
  82. I love listening to Christie Moore and
  83. Van Morrison, I could never choose between them
  84. I like to drink plain water
  85. I love to eat fresh coconut
  86. I am a great aunt
  87. I love my job
  88. I like to drive fast
  89. I have a blog
  90. I said I would never blog
  91. I craft to relax
  92. I love to drink Pinot Grigio
  93. I have worn the same perfume ‘for ever’
  94. I have an I pod
  95. I can sew
  96. I have moved 20 times in my life
  97. I have had hypnotherapy
  98. I make lists
  99. I have loved doing this, Its taken months!

1 thought on “I make lists

  1. Hi Miriam,
    I absoluatly love your blog. So creative and inspiring.
    The list above is very scary. we have alot in commom.

    Good to see you looking so well. Val x

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