A Milestone, A New Year

…and a change

1010 posts! something to celebrate I think, not least because 7 years ago I had a yen to start a blog but had no idea what to write about and more importantly who on earth would read it?
It’s all history now and I’m feeling the need for change.
Should I continue to blog?
Do I want to continue?
Should my blog pages stay filed away in the archives?
Should I take the blog down?

I’m sure had I not had such a rough couple of years with my health I might not be thinking this way but I am.
It’s the end of the year too.
And the start of a new one.
Should I just take an extended break?
Could I pick this up again?

I feel I have let the spirit of blogging slide, I don’t have the energy to keep up with you all and that upsets me.
Time for a decision.
Let’s not say never again, let’s just say enough for now.

I am on Instagram. Look for me at ikibana_banana if you want to see what I’m up to and if you let me know that you are there too I’ll pop over and say hello…
Thank you, for the good times, the thoughtful comments, the laughs, the memes, the swaps, the support, the cards, the gifts, the prayers, the friendship and most of all the love.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and creative New Year.



Week 52 and the last Snap of 2016.
I have loved taking part in Helena’s meme, thank you all for looking and commenting and thank you Helena for being a brilliant hostess.
I’m sticking to the rules for once and sharing just 4 of the hundreds of pictures I have taken over the Christmas holiday.
Christmas tree decorations, all red.

We have had these red teardrops for more than twenty years. There were eight of them now down to 7 due to a dog tail wagging incident!


This little Gisela Graham mouse has just arrived from my friend Mary


I love this Santa, he has dangly arms and legs which move when the tree gets a whack from that tail! He came with one of his reindeer last year.


This tiny little iittala mug came in a set of four from Lotta a few years ago


Just a little look at my tree decorations to end a fabulous year of snapping with you all.

Thank you again Helena.