So That Was February

and we are already more than a week into March!

I think I survived February quite well. It was a short month and a very wet and cold month here, but no snow, just three hail storms in one day kind of a month.
February is my birthday month. When I was a child I remember thinking that the seven weeks between Christmas and my birthday was a lifetime! now of course the time flies by.
Then there’s Valentines day which we love to celebrate in our house. I had beautiful flowers and a card from my Valentine.
I loved taking part in Sian’s Pile of Postcards swap again. I hope all mine have been received by now.

February, A couple of meals out and an evening looking at birds, visiting an art installation, dinner with Ben & Lotta, and coffee’s with friends made my February lovely.


And now we are in March, the weather seems to be alternating between gorgeous sunshine & rain! That would be March then.


My Aunt Wendy passed away yesterday, 13th February 2011 at her home in Adelaide.
Of course I knew I had family out in Australia but it wasn’t until my mother passed away in 2004 that I had any real contact with any of them.
In 1960 my fathers younger brother John, his wife Wendy and their five young children emigrated to Adelaide. After they landed we didn’t have much contact at all. Telephone calls were out of the question, I tried writing but it came to nothing. When I was older I wanted to go out there on the £10.00 passage but I couldn’t make contact. Years later I found out that my Uncle and Aunt had divorced. Anyway…
When mum passed away we began to trace the family tree and I found an address for my cousin, Wendy’s eldest daughter. I wrote to her, she replied and we have kept in touch ever since.
I had some lovely e-mail contact with my aunt over the last few years. Her e-mail address was skysearcher which I just loved! Imagine thinking of that name, I wish I had.
When I rang her, she used to laugh when I said ‘hello Aunt Wendy’, I was the only person in the world that called her that.
Thank you Wendy for all the e-mails, the conversation and the beautiful letters that you & my mother exchanged. They were so special. Now is not the time and this is not the place to write about them but they mended a relationship and built bridges.
Rest in peace skysearcher.

a lovely memory