Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday

For Photo Art Friday this week our challenge is to share any macro image (with whatever manipulations you choose) that pleases you.
I am still learning how to take macro images so I have played with the crop tool for this challenge 🙂

This is two copies of the same image with one turned 180deg to give me a blue background and the other cropped to put the flower head in the foreground. I used Bonnies texture, Abstract Elements Drops of Jupiter, altered the blending mode, added a frame & stamp, felt happy and called it done.

This is three images, the sea shore, a close crop of a pink rose and a close crop of some grasses. All at various blend modes until I felt happy. Three textures: Bonnies Heavenly, Purple Dust and Splash of Gold. It’s my favourite. Not forgetting a frame of course.

This is two images. The base one is of a plate of strawberries which I added a swirl effect to. I closely cropped one strawberry with leaves, and placed it on top, altered the blend modes, brushed away some texture from the leaves and put a vellum overlay on, added a frame, liked what I saw and called it done.

This is an image of a white tulip with one petal missing. I closely cropped the flower head and added 3 of Bonnies textures: Sweet Secret, Dream Wonder and Splash of Gold texture. I really liked the yellow stamens spilling over onto the yellow part of the gold texture.

I always liked the original photo of the Iris because it reminds me of a lovely afternoon spent with a girlfriend. I have given it a new lease of life by adding a Topaz Simplify action, a texture from Ruth West and a vellum overlay from Bonnie and yes, a frame.

What’s with the frames? Quick and Easy frames was something I learnt on Kim Klassen’s fabulous Beyond Layers Course.

I had a really lovely day off today, It was freezing cold outside so I stayed in and played.

I am linking to Photo Art Friday where there is some very beautiful digital art today.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend, that the weather is kind to you and all your eggs are chocolate. I on the other hand will enjoy my first glass of wine in seven weeks…Cheers.

Texture Tuesday

Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday this week is the Soft Edition.
An image that says soft, processed with any of her textures. That’s it…that’s all.
I have a few things bothering me at the moment but playing with photoshop takes me far away. It feels as though nothing else is happening in my world or the world. Learning new things in this amazing programme absorbs me completely. I am also doing Kim’s new class Beyond Layers, posting to Flickr which I am finding a little easier now…practice, practice, practice. Not one of my strong points!
Some pictures that say soft to me.

Photo Art Friday

For Photo Art Friday this week Bonnie asked us to link a photo that has an element of a path or road.

I used a photo of the sea (that I forgot to put my polarising filter on!) at St.Catherines point on the Isle of Wight and a picture of a path through the woods, I was trying some landscape shots and thinking about leading lines.

I adjusted the levels and curves a bit on both pictures, added Bonnie’s Splash of Gold texture to the woodland picture. I changed the blend mode, then placed the sea picture, added Splash of Gold turned 90 deg changed the blend mode and came up with this.

There are some beautiful pieces of digital art here today.

Photo Art Friday

Texture Tuesday

Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday this week is the Pink edition.
Share a pink-filled image, processed with any of her textures. That’s it…that’s all.

This has Sweet Tart and If Only at various blend modes and one of Kim’s brushes which I choose following her thoughts on Day 20 of Beyond Layers….. It’s not about making perfect art. It’s simply about making art.

This texture is Sweet Treat

The texture on this is Cloudy Day.

This has one of Kim’s Magic Textures on, Scripted Edges.
I like how the pictures I choose have gone from light to dark, I have no idea how that happened today, but it did.