150 Blog Posts

When I got to 50 blog posts I was amazed at how I had got ‘this far’ I always said I would never do this, how many of you have said that I wonder?
Now I noticed this morning that this post will be number 150. I would like to say “thank you” to every single one of you that have taken the time to comment on my posts. Every comment lifts my spirits and warms my heart and I never tire of telling my ever patient (html support) husband and my ever patient (mac support) son “OOhh I have had a comment on my blog!” and they, without fail, say, “Oh, that’s nice!” Yes it is nice, more than nice.

Thank you for your comments

There is much to learn

I was reading some posts on Shimelle’s forum last week (prompt 2 discussion public or private) about accessing posts.
Any way I was wondering how does that happen, why do you publish a post and then take it down? so naive about some things I am!!
The next day I logged on in the morning and saw a post that I didn’t want published yet! how did that happen?
Shimelles reply said “Usually it’s a post that someone wrote and meant to publish at a certain time in the future…. Occasionally it’s because the blogger had a change of heart and deleted the post for whatever reason.
Well now I know, thanks Shimelle.
I though for ages, about taking it down. And while I was worrying and procrastinating about it someone was kind enough to post a comment. So, I left it there, but decided to re work the page/s over the weekend. So, here are the new pages that I am happy with.

So, it happens because it does, this is not a test, or an exam, this is just for fun, R&R and a record of my days good and bad including the rubbish! Mel says sometimes she over thinks things, she is not the only one:)

Blogging for Scrapbookers

Prompt 5

Post Photos
I made a thank you card for my sister-in-law yesterday & thought I would post 5 pictures of some cards I made. Some times I don’t make any for months and then have a little rush on them. I also made a LO for this prompt. I wanted to play.
I have caught up with the prompts at last and had a lovely time on Sunday morning visiting some new blogs.

These were for my work collegues, and looked really pretty irl. I am not sure that my photo does them justice. There is a pocket on the front of the kite which held a gift voucher.

This was for another sister-in-law and was beautiful. It was the first time I had used some craft wire for anything other than a flower. The wings were shaped craft wire covered in fine hand made paper and the body was the wire wound around a paintbrush handle.

This was for a special lady that I worked with. She loved anything Japanese. The Kimono was made with some silk stuck to some card before cutting the shape. (I remember it frayed terribly!) She was thrilled with it.

This was for a brother who loves cake! It is made with short lengths of ribbon and fabric, the candle is the end of the shoe lace that runs along the side of the card. I made a few of these using craft paper and tiny lengths of plastic coated wire for the candles.

Thank you for remembering my birthday cards.

And the result from playtime this morning.

Papers Shabby Princess,frames, flower, stitching Katie Pertiet

Blogging for Scrapbookers

Prompt 4 Something Mundane
I laughed at this prompt.

We have a saying in our house. 95% of life is mundane, just working and keeping things ticking over until you get to the lovely 5%, that’s what makes the mundane bearable.
How polite I am being, mundane indeed ;0

I was at the hairdressers today, (that was the 5% bit). We were talking about hair products, (no thanks I don’t need any) and the brushes and the hand made jewellery they are selling and then she said, “Ooooh have you seen this?” “no, what is it?”
“Well,” she said “It is a natural deodorant, it is 100% pure and natural, made from potassium sulphate and mineral salts from Thailand” I think she has been on a course!
“You rub it on to your wet skin in the shower or bath, and then rub it under your arms, or your feet or (now she is whispering!) anywhere you usually (barely a murmur now!) sweat”
I was laughing out loud.
“Oh for goodness sake let me look at it”
It was a very beautiful looking, smooth crystal clear, oval stone that fit nicely in the palm of my hand. Ergonomic would be a good word to use here. It is quite heavy.
Ok, I have some other natural crystal, and salt type products from that part of the world, I do like them, I have just been paid, the sun is shining, I’ll give it a whirl.
My hairdresser lady is wrapping it up, along with the new brush! when she said. “Now don’t forget to use it wet, it takes a few days to work but…” She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence.
“what do you mean?” I took a deep breath, “how many days?”
“It is the weekend and you said you had next week on leave!”
So, don’t visit me next week, I am on leave trying a new deodorant.
I am going to a wedding on Sunday, do you think a fabulously strong scented Lilly buttonhole would be good?
Have you something more mundane than deodorant?

There is a bonus to this post.
I have written a post about deodorant before. Shimelle had a prompt in a previous class about writing letters to in-animate objects. Some people were kind enough to say that they liked my post. You can read it here if you have a moment.
I was thinking, if Shim asks us to post anything about continuation, or continuity in posting, I will, for once in my life, be ahead of the game.
Shall I post a picture? The new hair cut? the new wonderfully bright pink brush? or the deodorant stone? (before I have used it of course)
You choose x