There is much to learn

I was reading some posts on Shimelle’s forum last week (prompt 2 discussion public or private) about accessing posts.
Any way I was wondering how does that happen, why do you publish a post and then take it down? so naive about some things I am!!
The next day I logged on in the morning and saw a post that I didn’t want published yet! how did that happen?
Shimelles reply said “Usually it’s a post that someone wrote and meant to publish at a certain time in the future…. Occasionally it’s because the blogger had a change of heart and deleted the post for whatever reason.
Well now I know, thanks Shimelle.
I though for ages, about taking it down. And while I was worrying and procrastinating about it someone was kind enough to post a comment. So, I left it there, but decided to re work the page/s over the weekend. So, here are the new pages that I am happy with.

So, it happens because it does, this is not a test, or an exam, this is just for fun, R&R and a record of my days good and bad including the rubbish! Mel says sometimes she over thinks things, she is not the only one:)

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