Blogging for Scrapbookers & Beyond!

The lovely Shimelle got me thinking about actually doing something about re-organising my blog. I have been procrastinating for ages so yesterday and today my husband & I have been fiddling around with the inner workings, resulting in some strangeness on the blog! sorry, I will be looking better later. Well it will take more than fiddling to get me looking better, I mean the blog will look a bit different later.
It is a fabulous sunny and warm day here today, hope it is where you are.
I love todays prompt! thank goodness for digital and iphoto.

I have just found The Creative Exchange and want to link this photo this week. I love tulips, they are beautiful at every stage. They stay in the vase until the last petals fall. Just after I took the picture all the petals fell off!!

Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers

I am taking Shimelle’s on line course called Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers which follows on quite naturally from Blogging for Scrapbookers.
Like all Shimelle’s classes it will be brilliant, I will have fun & learn loads.
I am so nervous about following her first prompt though.

A novel and a question

I wrote a great long tale about why I started my blog,
what has happened over the last year and why the change of direction.
I even came up with a couple of questions and then thought,
Who on earth is going to be interested in this?
And then I wondered, is this precisely what it is all about? The detail, the chatter, what I think, why I think it?
I don’t give enough of myself do I?
So who is interested in just my pictures?
Do they need more conversation around them?
I love to start a sentence with and and a comma because that’s how I speak, it also usually involves an upright pointy index finger and a twinkle in my eye…
Would you, yes that’s you, the very important person reading this,
Like to read my long tale?
No, don’t answer that, here it is

About blogging

I signed up for Shimelle’s Beyond Blogging fSB class.
Is this lovely lady reading my mind? The very thing that she talks about in her prompt today is what has been on my mind for the past few months.
What is it that I am blogging about?
I looked back over the last ten post of mine and everyone features my passion for photographs and photographic challenges and not one about craft which is what I intended almost a year ago.

May 2010 with the blog started, but still private! (ring any bells?) I thought I would post about my crafting which I was passionate about, I had been following a number of craft sites and wanted to be part of that community.
I signed up for an online photography course so that I could use the family DSLR and take some decent pictures of my craft projects.
And then something happened.
We decided to sell the house.
I needed to return my crafting space, which was the spare room, back to a bedroom.
So, in a fit of pique, one weekend, I bought a whole lot of packing boxes and put everything into the garage (the bl***y garage as it has become affectionately known), installed a bed and kept one bookcase on which I would store (artistically of course) some things I thought I couldn’t live without.
That left me with my desk, my beloved mac, my printer and my point & shoot camera.

What was a girl to do? I was now able to take the camera off auto, I asked for some Photoshop lessons and fell in love with taking pictures and playing with Photoshop!

Incidentally, the family camera has now become ‘mine’ In fact I would say that a precedent has been set. I have been given a beautiful new 50mm lens ‘for your camera’

I still hanker after making stuff, still read and love some crafting sites.
I have been trying out some digital layouts, it is a slow process as I don’t feel the need to scrap everything.
I do so love Shimelle’s classes
Oh and I also love to write ‘True Stories”
I want to blog without ?, Oh I can’t remember, it is something Mel said.
and I still want to play a part in this wonderful online community.

So dear reader,
I need some direction: I need to ask a question of you.
Have you asked yourself /felt like this: What is it that I am blogging about?
What did you do to get beyond this place that you were and I am, at?

And then I went and had some lunch. Crackers and some fabulous fishy morsel.
And then came & wrote this, the first bit that is!

I am sure Shimelle said to ask one question, well I have asked loads of you indirectly, but

I would be really happy if you answered just this,

Are there people on this course who are interested in taking pictures and taking part in challenges, that I could hook up with and think about when I am posting?

There, said it, done it, now post it. but I can’t post without a picture can I,

This was part of a ‘photo shoot’ lol, with this fella this morning for next weeks Scavenger Hunt