Still Beautiful

Thursday is ‘bin day’ in our house, It’s my morning greeting every Thursday.
“Have you nothing else pressing today?” They laugh.
“We know it’s bin day, every week if it’s Thursday then it must be bin day”.
But they never remember. Ever!

Just for once I would like all the bins to be collected, sorted and put out before 11pm at night when I am tired.
Well today they did remember, in part!

The recycling bins were at the front of the house well before it was dark but the inside bins were all still sitting quietly, patiently waiting to be emptied at 11pm this evening!
I do hope you weren’t passing my house a little before midnight to see me tripping the light fantastic across the front lawn in my slippers clutching the inside bins.

I managed to capture these before they went into the green bag though…still beautiful

I am linking my tulip to Lisa Gordon’s Creative Exchange this week…

Blogging for Scrapbookers & Beyond!

The lovely Shimelle got me thinking about actually doing something about re-organising my blog. I have been procrastinating for ages so yesterday and today my husband & I have been fiddling around with the inner workings, resulting in some strangeness on the blog! sorry, I will be looking better later. Well it will take more than fiddling to get me looking better, I mean the blog will look a bit different later.
It is a fabulous sunny and warm day here today, hope it is where you are.
I love todays prompt! thank goodness for digital and iphoto.

I have just found The Creative Exchange and want to link this photo this week. I love tulips, they are beautiful at every stage. They stay in the vase until the last petals fall. Just after I took the picture all the petals fell off!!