Week 52 and the last Snap of 2016.
I have loved taking part in Helena’s meme, thank you all for looking and commenting and thank you Helena for being a brilliant hostess.
I’m sticking to the rules for once and sharing just 4 of the hundreds of pictures I have taken over the Christmas holiday.
Christmas tree decorations, all red.

We have had these red teardrops for more than twenty years. There were eight of them now down to 7 due to a dog tail wagging incident!


This little Gisela Graham mouse has just arrived from my friend Mary


I love this Santa, he has dangly arms and legs which move when the tree gets a whack from that tail! He came with one of his reindeer last year.


This tiny little iittala mug came in a set of four from Lotta a few years ago


Just a little look at my tree decorations to end a fabulous year of snapping with you all.

Thank you again Helena.


Week 50

Like everyone I’ve had a busy week but I completely forgot to post this for Helena’s meme which comes out on Wednesday!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here, just the same as you I imagine.
I really love seeing old friends as they arrive down from their sojourn in the loft since last January.

This snowman will live on the table taking care of a bottle of wine for us. I think he is so cheery! a bit like me when I’ve had a glass or two (hic)


We bought the reindeer for my mother oh! so many years ago. He is gold in colour and has white lights in his body. My mother really loved him. He makes a terrible mess, spilling his glitter everywhere but he makes me smile and think about her every year. He lives on a windowsill and each year I try to take the perfect picture of him but I always return to a black and white version.


I really love to make things for Christmas, for the tree, for gifts and for my friends. This year one of my makes is this bottle top tree. It’s made with bottle tops from bottles of water, padded with wadding and covered with fabric. Each top is sewn to it’s neighbough and the whole thing held together with a fabric back. The little gold star and some green ribbon finishes it nicely I think. My friend made hers with slightly larger milk bottle tops and she also used two colours of fabric, (red and white and a couple of cinnamon sticks for the trunk).


The lime! I don’t know what possesses me sometimes. I bought some of these limes and some oranges a few years ago. I loved the look of them and they smelled gorgeous. During their year in the loft they have faded so that I can’t tell the orange from the lime. They were right by the back door, ‘this close’ to the bin when it occurred to me that I might be able to rescue them! I mean, “they were expensive” and “I really like them”. I have some Faber-Castell Gelato pens and as luck would have it the green and the orange are nice and bright. I drew up and down the skin of the lime and then worked the colour in with a sponge. I think they look great!


“But what are you going to get rid of?” my husband wanted to know.

Do you replace Christmas things? I mean in the sense of “I’ll buy this and get rid of this” or do you just buy a new thing or things each year and put them away with the rest of the things come 12th night? Then in November or early December groan at the amount of stuff that has to come down… Tell me I’m not alone.

Thank you Helena.

Snap! and Snap! Helena.

Week 48

I couldn’t resist a quick walk in the garden in my nightie this morning! I wanted to share my beautiful frosty leaves with you, and the last of the roses and the glass on the green house, and the trees, and the… but in the true spirit of Helena’s meme Snap! here’s just four.

I just popped over to Helenas to copy her link for this week and I laughed out loud! Thanks Helena 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Fairy



Zephrine, her last flower.

Thank you Helena.

It’s beautifully sunny here now, I hope it is where you are.