Snap! and Snap! Helena.

Week 48

I couldn’t resist a quick walk in the garden in my nightie this morning! I wanted to share my beautiful frosty leaves with you, and the last of the roses and the glass on the green house, and the trees, and the… but in the true spirit of Helena’s meme Snap! here’s just four.

I just popped over to Helenas to copy her link for this week and I laughed out loud! Thanks Helena 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Fairy



Zephrine, her last flower.

Thank you Helena.

It’s beautifully sunny here now, I hope it is where you are.

11 thoughts on “Snap! and Snap! Helena.

  1. Such a beautiful SNAP collection. Those two pink roses in frosted glam are wonderful photos. I think either the bay or thyme could serve as Christmas card backgrounds. (and yes I chuckled at the running SNAP theme today)

  2. Great minds think alike and it seems behave in a similar way! Even out here I had to dash behind the wall not to be spotted in my dressing gown. Mad photographers but the results were worthwhile. Beautiful!

  3. wow- absolutely gorgeous photos. Lovely bokeh and depth of field…along with the lovely frost! The photo of the thyme is incredible. I agree with Karen..these should be printed out and framed!!!

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