Blogging For Scrapbookers

Prompt 2

How much to share.
I think when I consider what to share on my blog, common sense is my guide. I think it is a very difficult thing to balance wanting to be open & honest and talk from the heart and remembering to type in code. I have to confess to being absolutely hopeless at consistency! I just, simply, forget.
We have a system at work that involves red crosses, yellow dots, purple lines, Oh I do try, honest I do but I fail every time.
I try to make my pictures all look the same, size or shape or overlay… hopeless!
Headings, now there’s a thing that drives my husband mad! if I have heading one in one post and bold in another, I can hear the intake of breath! Still at least I know when he has read the blog.
In my work I am very circumspect about what I tell people about myself. I think that it is a survival thing with me, I can’t support people through difficult times If I can’t be completely detached from them.
When I talk with people I can be more measured in what I talk about but when I write/type, everything in my mind just pours onto the page! I would never make a crime or mystery writer, I would give the plot away in the first paragraph.

Journalling reads
Just another “Why?”
I remember teaching my son the names of the birds as we walked the dog along our local beach.
It was in the spring when the black headed gulls still had their winter markings, a black spot over their eyes.
We were watching the herring gulls gliding on the wind, the black headed gulls were standing in the surf.
“Do you see these gulls with the black spot over their eyes? They are the black headed gulls.
“Why are they called black headed when they aren’t?”
“Just now they still have their winter markings, in a few months they will all have a beautiful black head” I said.
“ How do they know when to change their outfits?” said my lad who was, and still is, clothes mad!

I thought about Shimelle’s prompt and made this page, then I went back and took out the names of the people and the place.
Definitely something for me to learn here.
The page is not finished because I just can’t work out how to do what I want to do. I’ll get back to it.

Blogging For Scrapbookers

Prompt 1

Shimelle’s new class started on Monday this week. As usual I am days behind!
Blogging and Scrapbooking, Well I eventually got the blog up and running but the scrapbooking fell by the way side. I am hopeless at keeping up with the forum, as you can see, its the 24th, class started on 21st! Hey Ho, that’s me.
I don’t have my stash available to me just now so I decided to learn photoshop and try digital scrapbooking. Something else I said I would never do! Does that happen to you?
“today we’ll start simply with a blog post and perhaps a scrapbook page with our intentions for this project…”

I have had this template long before I knew how to use them, I was going to ‘lift’ it as a LO for another one of my lists but never got ’round to it. Today I have put my new skills to use and made a LO using photoshop with my shopping list of what I hope this class will help me achieve! If I get to the forum as well I may give myself a badge!!

LO 2P’s Queen of Quirk