Story Telling Sunday

Thank you Sian for giving me the impetus to post something, anything on my blog. Talk about January blues, blue and definitely black the first few weeks of the year have been over here.
Lets hope this bright but cold morning, a photo and a memory will help spur me on.

Ben reminded me, as I was taking a photo of this picture, (I had a plan for it).
“Do you remember the Christmas you & nanny were drunk and laughing so much you didn’t realise you nearly burnt the house down!”
Now we certainly were not drunk, tipsy maybe, merry possibly, but we were laughing, definitely laughing a great deal together and although we noticed a strange smell we didn’t realise that a candle flame was slowly toasting the paper frame that this picture was hanging in.
I keep the picture in the charred frame as a reminder that laughing and candlelight are beautiful but have a care with a burning flame.

Thank you Sian for this wonderful party full to the brim with stories both long and short, word wise, not height wise!

16 thoughts on “Story Telling Sunday

  1. Argh..just lost my comment…this is a lovely short story Miriam. It gave me a smile (at you giggling, not at the thought of everywhere burning down of course..) Thanks for joining in this month Miriam. It’s always a pleasure

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