Texture Tuesday


Kim Klassen, over at her cafe challenged us to use a photo with people and one of her textures this week for her Texture Tuesday Challenge.
I thought you might like to see some family photos?

This is a photograph of the original picture which is in my files.
The picture layer is set to soft light. It has 2 layers of Kim’s texture Break Free both set at soft light, the first layer is softly brushed over and the second layer more heavily brushed to remove text on the texture from the people.
L to R This is my great Uncle, my great grandfather and my grandfather at my parents wedding.

This is also a photograph of the original picture which is in my files. The picture layer is set to soft light then 1 layer of Kim’s Simple Things texture, set to soft light, then the layer is softly brushed over to remove the texture from the people.
It is my fathers sister on the left, we are still in touch although not as often as I would like, and my mothers sister on the right, I am going to visit her in Dublin in July. I can’t wait to see her. It has been seven years since we were all together.

I’ll post the Bride and Groom next week and some of the wedding party the week after, How’s that?
Please hop over to Kim’s for some fabulous faces with textures

6 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

  1. great family photos – they all look so smart. Lovely texture work and nice gentle hand with the brush – you can’t see where it has been brushed

  2. Love the old photos! I’m not sure if you’re the person that asked a question on my blog because there was no email address listed under the blogger profile, but you have the same name. If I’m remembering right I used stained linen, cinnamon, and grannys cupboard. Hope that helps!

  3. I think these vintage photos are the perfect candidates for textures. I can’t wait until life calms down a bit and I can get back to this challenge. It’s no one’s fault but my own, for taking on too much at one time!

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