Looking Up and Down

…in the fabric shop

Well I say fabric shop. It is actually a garden centre and on the board out side it says “We sell sheds and sewing machines”

What it is in fact, is a small garden centre in the process of being improved. There is a large greenhouse/conservatory with lots of very large tables and many many garden loungers around them. There is a coffee shop and two rooms attached to the conservatory. One room is full of the most beautiful fabric and sewing bits and the other has two huge tables set up with fabulous quilting machines with projects under the quilting hoops.

No body is working today as it is the first nice day we have had for ages and all the quilting ladies are in the ‘conservatory’ drinking tea and discussing their various quilting projects.
My friend and I had a lovely time: lots of looking, feeling, and wondering what we could do with it all! (both of us) and some purchasing (me) and tea of course.
The rafters in the fabric room were hung with these flower quilts.

Look Up Quilt

And wicker baskets around the place were draped with these smaller quilts.

Look Down teddy quilt

Look Up Look Down is a meme inspired by Helena.

5 thoughts on “Looking Up and Down

  1. oh that sounds a wonderful shop to visit – I do love to touch and look at fabric, although mostly resist purchases at the moment

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