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Kat Sloma hosts a wonderful practice each month called Photo Heart Connection.

Deepen the connection between your photos and your heart and soul by participating in this monthly review of your images, to find the one that best connects to your heart.

Every time I looked through my April photos I have been stopping at this one. Like a lot of you I look through my photos a lot, always looking for something for one meme or another. There are a few times I could have used the picture and I did use one of the series I took this day for a Capture Your 365 prompt.

I was driving home on the motorway and noticed a number of horses in a field that I hadn’t noticed before. I thought I might get some pictures for my stash. Horse pictures can be very useful! It took me ages to locate the field once off the motorway but eventually I was thrilled to see them in a field, right by the fence and being fussed over by a lady, their owner? I wondered.
Being the friendly sort I got chatting to her to learn that these five horses had been abandoned by? Who knows, plenty of guesses yes but…They had been there a few months apparently, local people had been bringing them water, this lady had bought hay for them. I felt sick to my stomach, I don’t really like horses because they scare me but I was so so sad and angry that someone could just abandon five horses like this…right on my door step. They were hungry, muddy and in need of some love. They were so friendly, letting me stroke them and talk to them.

I took some pictures of course. The next day I went to the wholesaler and bought a sack of carrots for them. Paul and I hand fed them. Paul is even more afraid of them than me it turns out. It felt good to conquer my fear.

I’ve really not felt like using the pictures but Kat’s practice has encouraged me to do so today.

I drove by the field on Thursday morning, they are gone. They were loved, lets hope they still are.

Phot Heart Connection April 2014

14 thoughts on “Photo Heart Connection

  1. To me, the horse looks sad, but I wonder if that’s because I read your story first? Sadly, this is something that happens a lot, especially where I used to live in Somerset. Horses/ponies can be very cheap to buy, but very expensive to keep.

  2. welcome back. A beautiful photo and real example of a detail capturing the whole – so sad that someone would abandon the horses but lovely to hear how locals did their bit to help them

  3. Just this past week a woman here was arrested for abusing nearly 15 horses. The photos of them on the television were heart-breaking. Your photo is gorgeous! I hope the horses found good and loving homes.

  4. Miriam, THAT is a beautiful picture alone with your words. You can see his sadness and fatigue -HIS heart- just by looking at his amazing eye. I’ve always been wary of horses, too. But then, in the strange way of life, I ended up walking thoroughbred horses at the racetrack. My good friend runs a thoroughbred placement and rescue. So, I’ve come to know more about horse that I ever thought I’d care to. I’m still wary of them because they can hurt you without meaning to just because they’re so skittish. Like you, I hope those five went to good homes.
    Happy May Day weekend. 🙂

  5. So glad to see you back–I hope you are well and rested…

    I very much enjoyed your photo-heart connection this month. Your image is stunning–the downcast eye, the tousled mane, the texture of the coat–all presented in the mix of concern and fear you have for them.

    Well done…

  6. This is such an expressive image — it really captures a strong feeling, which I also think is sadness. Beautiful! I’m hoping the horses have found a good home.

  7. Oh, Miriam, what a story. So sad…yet there’s hope, too, in the strangers who cared enough to reach out to those creatures. Your photo is beautiful. Like everyone else has commented, I hope the horses have found a safe refuge.

  8. What a great photo, it does convey a deep sadness. So sad to think these horses were abandoned, I would think that there would be another option than to just leave them to fend for themselves.

  9. Oh my goodness what a story. I hope these beauties have happy homes now with people that love them, just like the people that have filled in after being abandoned.

  10. Beautiful photograph! I love all the detail, but the story is so sad. It even looks as if there’s a tear in the horses’ eye!

  11. A beautiful photo yet such a sad story. I do hope that they are now being cared for and how kind of you to take them the carrots.

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