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Gallery 10 at Project 52 is Neon Colour

I thought this was difficult.
It is Neon that glows red to orange in those tubular signs.
The other colours in the bright signs that you see are made of different gasses and fluorescent lighting. Whatever they are made of they are so bright colourful and kind of zingy!
I had a play with ‘neon’ colours in photoshop.

I drew some circles of colours, ran them through a few filters, turned them into rings and then back to circles before putting a wave filter on them.

neon rings

neon wave

I think these flowers might be ‘neon’ colours. What do you think?

Orange Poppies
Orange neon poppies 3
Yellow Poppies
Yellow neon poppies


This was a fun challenge and took me right out of my comfort zone.

There will be plenty of Neon over here today.

Have a lovely weekend. We have sunshine forecast for the whole weekend. If you don’t get any, let me know and I’ll send you some.

9 thoughts on “Project 52

  1. Those circles are awesome!! and I love poppies so much~ I hope to plant many more seeds for next year. Only 3 came up this year and while I was grateful for those, it really wasn’t enough for me, lol

  2. Great job! I love your Photoshopped version – gorgeous! Love the ideas of flowers as neon colours, too. They are all beautiful shots, but I love the marigold – especially that bit of blue in the really makes the flower stand out.

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