Photo Heart Connection

Kat Sloma hosts a lovely practice she calls Photo Heart Connection. The idea is, at the end of each month, review the images you worked with in that month for the one that gives you the strongest connection to your heart and soul.
Of the 305 pictures I made in March, six are self portraits, three are of next doors black cat (you will see him on Thursday) two are of my son and the rest are flowers and plants. I was tempted with one in particular that aroused a strong connection to my mother but…
In the end the connection to my heart and soul this month wasn’t difficult.
The image I started with was dreadful, orange and dark, taken on my phone in a dimly lit restaurant. I lightened it to see if I could salvage anything. I love that my camera captured more than I first saw.

I love the look in his eyes and his easy posture. Every time I see the finished picture I hear Eric Clapton singing…
…you just don’t realize how much I love you…

Thank you Kat.

Ben Mims 2

15 thoughts on “Photo Heart Connection

  1. A sweet togetherness photo to be treasured! It’s always worth seeing what we can do with a photo if at first the lighting conditions are less than perfect! Well done!

  2. I can see why this image holds such appeal and glad you were able to “rescue” it. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt.
    Isn’t it funny how much more we see when we look at our images later? I can see why this one is dear to you.

  3. A lovely photo! I treasure those with my sons too – I have hundreds with flowers and buildings but not so many with those close to me. When they were younger it was the other way round though. I must make more of an effort now they’re older.

  4. Such a great Photo-Heart Connection! I can see the ease, connection and love between the two of you in this. I love what you pulled out of this moment and that you went with the true heart connection you found.

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