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Simple Moments: Something lovely started by Alexa
I have just visited her blog, she has a gentle reminder that it is the 15th of the month. The day she writes her Simple Moment.

16.43 Monday 15th October 2012.
I am at my desk, my mac is whirring very quietly, I have just put my phone in it’s charger, it will spring into life and wake the mac up in just a moment.

Opening the window I hear the traffic, it is heavy outside this afternoon with people coming home from work. I hear a plane in the distance, it must be up high.
I can see the seagulls gliding in the sky but they are quiet today. I imagine their throats are sore after the row they were having yesterday.
I don’t hear the garden birds at the moment.
Neither of us has any music on this afternoon.
The house is warm: I have the heating on. Although it was a lovely bright and sunny day it was only warm behind the glass in the car.

Paul has been working here today which I am pleased about. He has been working so many long hours and travelling so many miles just lately. He is cheerful if exhausted because he has work after so many traumatic months without.

Pepsi is here behind me on her princess bed. She is dreaming, kicking her legs and bleating like a lamb!

Ben will be home in around and hour, he will be starving; he will open the fridge and find something to eat, something to drink and then ask me what I have planned for dinner. He does it every time he walks in from work. I love the predictability of his ritual.

It is mostly just an ordinary day for us except that we have Lotta here.
She arrived from Glasgow last Wednesday. It was their third anniversary of ‘going out’. (I don’t remember us celebrating any ‘going out’ anniversaries!) Ben had booked a lovely hotel in Birmingham, a restaurant in the evening, a pub lunch on the way home and the rest of the hours? Shopping! Which is, without doubt, Lotta’s favourite pastime. They had a fabulous time and came home loaded down with bags. I am thinking about it at his moment because I have just seen her beautiful, tiny, new, bought at the weekend, shoes in the hallway.

I have had an extremely busy day at work again. I feel as though I could sleep but that will eat into the evening and then my night will be disturbed.
I have started dreaming again. It is stress brought about by work. I still love my job but it is getting harder to do.
Am I feeling my client’s pain more deeply? It is sometimes hard to be strong and supportive for them.
The job is certainly very demanding with visits, phone calls, meetings and the never ending, always-changing paperwork!
Or am I just older and more tired?

I am so thankful that I have a wonderful hobby that takes my mind away from work.
Time to think about drawing the blinds; the darker evenings are with us and it will be time to prepare our evening meal.

This Autumn picture has Ruth Wests texture Shake on.
Alexa is linking Simple Moments from around the world on her blog, I am so looking forward to reading them again this month.

6 thoughts on “Simple Moments

  1. Recording these moments is so special. It is amazing how much one can glean from writing them down. What can seem just like an ordinary day on the surface, deepens with each sentence. Love all your digital artwork. Beautiful.

  2. Yes, I find it fascinating to read everyone’s moments, some beautiful writing and memorykeeping is arising from this idea of Alexa’s 🙂 I took some notes yesterday to join in myself, but I haven’t managed to write them up yet – on today’s list!

  3. This has been a wonderful read, Miriam, and so very evocative: I feel as if I have been allowed to glimpse through a window into your life. And I think I understand something of your feelings about working with others and being with them in their pain and distress: we cannot but carry some of it within us. Thinking of you warmly, and glad to reads the good news about Paul’s work too… The photo is very lovely – I am off to follow your link!

  4. Miriam, that photo is stunning! The sense of movement, the colour combinations, all perfect 🙂 I just started drawing the blinds in our kitchen this week too. Thank you for using one of my textures ♥

  5. Very descriptive writing Miriam! I felt like I was there there with you. I know what you mean about changing paperwork! We have those problems here, but it’s more about the changes in electronic applications and new ways of documenting!

  6. Hi there, beautifully written post Miriam, your home sounds so calm, organised and welcoming but most of all I am thrilled to hear that Paul is working xx

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