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Gallery 16 for Project 52 is Childhood Games and it has been chosen by Linda McGrath one of the participants on the project.

I really like the prompts for Project 52, they are a bit different and offer so much scope.

We used to love playing Scrabble as a family and as kids in the street. As we grew up many a game of it has been played over a few beers.
A word of warning though if you like a game of Scrabble. Don’t play with my brother-in-law. He is a terrible looser and was in the habit of making words up…
…”That’s not a word!!” We would all shout in unison.

gallery 16 Childhood games

…”you can’t have that it’s not joined up!!’

Gallery 16 games

6 thoughts on “Project 52

  1. Gorgeous photos! Scrabble and cribbage were some of my favourite childhood games, to. I wonder if it’s a British thing (I was born in England; moved to Canada when I was 5). Do you remember a card game called Lexicon? The cards had letters instead of the usual suits and numbers. It was like rummy, but you spelled words.

  2. I loved to play cribbage with my Grandad. Growing up I always had a pack of cards nearby and played patience a lot – the computer version is not the same as handling the cards

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