Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday

Bonnie’s challenge this week is Abstraction(s) from nature.
I had lots of fun with this one. I have noticed so many beautiful abstract patterns in nature this week thanks to this challenge and with a few tweaks with levels, curves and Topaz here are some results.

I don’t know the name of this plant but loved the patterns and the fabulous purple.

I have a new lens, a much longed for 60mm Macro. I am finding it a challenge but am more than happy to keep practising when I see a dragon fly up close and looking at me personal. How beautiful her wings are. I liked the wings in black & white, they seemed to sparkle.

And the beautiful wings of the hover fly. I found it a bit scary when I saw the fly so huge in my lens! It reminded me of our biology lessons at school, Oh so long ago. The boys in our biology class liked nothing better than swapping what the girls were supposed to be looking at for a spider!

I am endlessly fascinated by the beautiful webs made by spiders in the garden. They are even more beautiful after the rain or perhaps the sprinkler? I played a little in Topaz, just for fun.

I also had a play with another way of looking at abstract.

I have loved this challenge and I am sure there will be fabulous interpreteations of Abstraction at Photo Art Friday this week.

Hope you have nice weekends. Maybe we will be dry here in the UK?

15 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday

  1. It is obvious that you had fun with this. Fun tends to bring the best out in us … Love your use of color and your abstract choices. And, I enjoyed your commentary … I remember those naughty boys in my biology class too 🙂

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. lovely artwork. My favoirute is the dragonfly wings in BW. I love dragonflies and have a blog for them. 🙂

    I have a few memes and I think your work would suit in any of them. You are welcome to join in if you like. 🙂


  3. Hi Miriam,
    Wow what an inspiring post! I love the wings too; they look like paintings in themselves. It is amazing what you can achieve with a camera! Very inspirational, Andy

  4. Wonderful image – i really like the addition of the little bird who appears to belong there with the fly. Lovely colour and great processing. I love the psychedelic wing too! You might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday too:)

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