In my garden 2010

In my garden, the last page in my year long project. I have really loved doing this project, both in terms of the diary writing and getting out and taking the pictures. Like all these books we do, it is so good to look back on.
The complete project is here


December 2010

In my garden December 2010

We have had the coldest December for many years. Beautiful sunrise followed by frost, snow, icy winds, or morning fog before wonderful sunsets has been the pattern for this month. Most of the plants in the garden are blackened with frost. All but the basket by the back door and the bay tree have suffered in this weather. The week before Christmas brought heavy snow which is taking days and days to go. The paths are treacherous but the roads are now clear. The lawn looks like the Somme where the snow and Pepsi have been! Monday 27 December

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