Creative Photography

I have been very un-inspired to keep up with this challenge which Jill and Marsha are doing great with. But for some reason, this weekend has seen a change, and I have completed a couple of Labs and made a start on some missed ones.

Lab 18 Reflections
Reflections are one of my favourite things to photograph. I love the abstract quality of trees reflected in water and this pair are the same picture but I turned one of the pictures 180 deg.

Lab 18 Reflection

Lab 26 Bugs
I don’t really like bugs but except for moths I can tolerate them and take pictures of them. I have made a collage of some bugs I’ve seen over the last couple of months. Nothing recent as we have had rain everyday for a couple of weeks. In a picture, close up, some of them are very beautiful, but if they come near me when I’m looking at them… I’m off…

Lab 26 Bugs

Mobile Monday

I have been playing with apps for my phone and joining in with Prairie Jill who pointed me in the direction of an app called Apps Gone Free.

This free app sends an alert to my phone every day, to a random mix of apps that are free for just one day. (sometimes more)
Apart from Waterlogue which I paid for, all my apps are free. I try them for a day or two and then if I don’t like them I just delete them…nothing lost.
One of my favourite ones is Circular. I love not knowing what the result will be.

Here’s a couple of examples

Original photo
Sand Bay 1

Edited in Circular

Original photo
Sand Bay 2

Edited in Circular

Original photo

Edited in Circular

Original photo

Edited in Glaze and multiplied in Circular

Playing with apps is very addictive…

The Circular+ app can be previewed here and costs just £1.49 from the App Store.

Faces in Places

I saw this horse in a shopping trolley

horse in a trolly

And this T Rex in a tree

Faces in places t rex

Then this duck appeared on some under paper (the paper you put under your work when you’re painting)


and if that wasn’t enough a greyhound jumped into the picture.

greyhound nose

Do you see a man in striped trousers in her ear?

Do you ever see Faces in Places?


Helena’s lovely meme has had me zooming in and out on my walk this week. I love looking at teasels, they are so architectural with their oval spiny heads either in flower, or in their lovely summer colour as they are now or later in the year when they become much darker.

Zooming out
Zoom Out

Zooming in
Zoom In

Not really zooming one way or the other, more looking down. I just like the picture.

Thank you Helena. You can see what others have been zooming in and out on this week, right here.