Week 16

My Snap this week is spring flowers again but this time I have been looking for blue to make a set for Helelna’s lovely meme

In the herb tub.


Don’t they look lovely against this pretty white wall (not mine unfortunately!)


I always plant my ‘house bulbs’ out when they have finished but they never grow as full the following year. They still have a beautiful perfume though.


Green Alkanet
Apparently the roots of this wild flower can be used to dye cloth red!
The plant is also horribly invasive. I saw this at the local quarry.


Thank you Helena.

Short Stories

In Six Words

This weeks word from the list is Laugh

I knew I wanted to use this picture but where to look? It turns out I am more efficient than I thought.
Collections/Family and friends/Ben/Tent (June 1st 2011).
I wish I had thought of that before I went trawling through summer pictures for the last 4+ years!
Are your photos beautifully organised? I would love to make mine better and wish I had tagged them at the start.
Hey Ho!
Ben & Paul were trying to collapse Bens new pop-up tent. It was such a joke that I sat on a chair with my camera and clicked and laughed and clicked and laughed. This is the picture that makes me happy whenever I see it. I used the Glaze app, the picture suffers from camera shake and I think Ben will like it better now that it is slightly disguised.

I hope it makes you smile. I am sure to have posted it before so apologies if you saw it the first time around in June 2011. Actually, if you did see it in 2011, Well done for sticking with me. :)


The caption is from the film Pretty Woman

Thank you for the beautiful DREAMS last week

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Week 15

Signs of spring are everywhere, the blossom here is particularly lovely but harking back to a previous meme of Helena’s I have been looking down this week and my set are all shades of yellow.

Week 15 1

Week 15 4

Week 15 3

Week 15 2

Thank you Helena