Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I have been collecting photos for the lovely Winter Scavenger Hunt that Eileen at In My Playroom & Joy at Daisy Row, are hosting. I have about half of the items and have some to share with you today.

The Harbour in Bristol. Practising intentional blur, or was it the wine Ben gave me?

This is my friend wearing her husbands knitted Christmas Hat complete with working lights! The battery for the lights wouldn’t stay in the hat with her hair up in a clip!! There was plenty of laughter at a quiz that night. We, ‘The Jingle Belles’, wearing Christmas hats and festive ‘sweaters’ came second!

Just toast and tea today.

SS Great Britain launched in 1843. In the harbour in Bristol. I was looking at the reflection of the water on the ship, when I saw the picture on my screen I saw the reflection of the ship in the water.

I was so surprised as I turned the corner of a small, very dark side street to see these lights! Oh! so festive, and actually, looking at them today has brought back nice memories of a lovely craft evening with the lady in the festive & very funny hat.


I was on the beach earlier in the week. I took some food to throw for the gulls (not generally a good idea and greatly frowned upon here but if you promise not to tell…) Anyway I asked Paul to throw the food & I took hundreds of some pictures.


I think I will go back (to photoshop) and write these notes onto the LO’s. I think they will add something. What do you think?

Pairs Week Three

At either end of the ribbon


I posted my embroidery scissors last week and realised that at the other end of the purple ribbon there is a beautifully embroidered ‘something to stop the little pair of scissors from falling down between the cushions as you sit (?) by the fire (?) and embroider’ said my friend who made the little ‘scissors saver?’
At either end of the ribbon is a bit like Helena’s rainbow’s last week. Oh! I do love how one thing sparks off another thing.

Last week I forgot to give my Pair a title, Marsha was thinking Open & Closed. That’s for next week. :)