A Big Ask

My son Ben is running in the Cardiff Wales UK 10K at the weekend. It is his first run of this kind and he is running for Cancer UK.

During the summer our family learnt that my beautiful 36 year old niece has breast cancer, she has had two operations and is half way through her chemo programme.

One of my blog friends and my friends partner are also travelling the same road.

I know that many of you have travelled, and are still travelling this road, and from you I have learned that together we are strong.

Can I ask you to keep three amazing people in your thoughts and prayers?
Their strength and courage is very humbling to me.

A comment for them would be wonderful.

A visit to my son’s Just Giving page would be very much appreciated.


Thanks so much :)

…and Ben, we are all so very proud of you. Good Luck on Sunday

Mobile Monday

On Tuesday

I have been playing with my Glaze app this week in fact I took some of these pictures with Glaze in mind. I looked yesterday and the app is free.

A bad hair day for a beautiful purple aster.

This is a slate and blue glass table top now lying on it’s side.

A bag of muesli! I like the white and the shapes made by the words.

Wahol-esq, not my favourite but I thought it was interesting to see. I like the white and grey

I like the white space in this one and the shapes made by some Dill flowers

I really like the abstract quality of the leaf skeleton


I couldn’t resist a plate of eggs, hens and quails


Helena has some gorgeous panoramas made with an app on her android here

Thanks to Prairie Jill for Mobile Monday.

Mobile Monday

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and surprise surprise it’s raining! I had a play with a new phone app called Paper Camera. Some of the effects in the app are lovely but they all have the Paper Camera logo on which you can remove by subscribing on a monthly basis. Honestly what a rip off! The app is still free though and it is fun, but I won’t up-grade.



Comnifer seeds


Teasel B&W


Gull neon


You can always play in Photoshop for a few seconds if you like.

Gull sketch

Knightstone neon

Thanks for this idea Prarie Jill