Me, Right Now…an update

Four weeks ago today I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

A lot has happened to me during those weeks, but the last visit to the hospital on 29th July resulted in the knowledge that by removing my womb, my cancer went with it. Wonderful news!

I’m so glad I remained positive and cheerful throughout those 4 weeks, the many trips to hospital and the many phone calls both made and received. I am sure it will help me with the next steps.

The surgery also removed everything in the pelvis area that ‘you don’t need, including your appendix’ the surgeon told me. Unfortunately, I have been left with a “high risk” of the cancer re-occurring in the one place I have left. The top of my vagina, now stitched closed at the join where my cervix was and the lymph nodes in the pelvic area. So, the oncologist has advised me to have 25 sessions of radiotherapy to give me the best chance. As soon as I am recovered from the surgery the next stage will begin. 5 daily sessions at the Bristol hospital for 5 weeks.

I am praying for strength and positivity to get me through. Can I ask you to send your prayers/positive thoughts out to me again? You have all been so wonderful to me during the past few weeks. I have had so many cards, e-mails, comments on my blog and get well wishes on Instagram that I have been truly overwhelmed.

Before I went in to hospital for my operation I punched hearts out of card stock and wrote on the back of each one the names of my family, friends, blog friends, IG friends and people I hardly know then I put the paper hearts into a pretty box and took it with me. A box of love sat on my table for 5 days. Now I have put them into a box frame and hung it on my wall right here where I can see them each time I spend a little time on my Mac.

Thank you again for all the love. You are very special people x

Every heart carries a message of love


I am still posting to Instagram, you can find me here.

Me on Tuesday and SoC5 Week 6

Some of you very kindly asked me to update you on my progress.

All tests, scans, bloods and paperwork are now complete ready for my surgery on Thursday 16th July. This week!

Thank you for all the lovely comments and e-mails of love and support. I will take them all with me in my heart.

I have a ‘Pair’ Scheduled for Helenas meme tomorrow and hopefully I will have the last digital postcard for Summer of Colour 5 ready before I take some time for R&R for a few days.

I’ll keep you posted.


Summer of Colour Week 6

I couldn’t sleep last night so I made a digital postcard for The Summer of Colour5, week 6, the last week. I have really enjoyed making the cards and posting to those of you that kindly said yes. If you would like a postcard of this weeks colour I will gladly post one to you.

This weeks colour pallet is Orange+Orange+Blue but I mis-read it as Blue+Blue+Orange


Thank you so much Kristin for once again hosting this lovely annual celebration of colour.

5 in 5

We had such a warm day here on Saturday I took some pictures for Sandie at Itchifingers 5 in 5 meme. I was over there earlier in the month and noticed a few people had gone with a colour theme… On to the bad wagon I happily jumped.

Pretty in Pink

Pink Geranium

The Fairy
Pink The Fairy

Pink Honeysuckle

Pink Valerian

Pink Hydranger

Thank you Sandie.