Me on Monday

Waving from Weston on a dry and calm day after a weekend that was extremely wet and windy, so I stayed in!

It was a lovely, quiet weekend. The sort that allows you to make a book: A book I’ve been wanting to make for ages – A printed book from

For a few months in 2013 and 2014 I took part in an online project called Five Minute Friday by Lisa-Jo Baker. She gave a prompt and you had to write about it for five minutes, not paying attention to spelling or grammar, just write and share on her blog.
(Lisa-Jo isn’t running the meme anymore, she has handed it over to Kate Motaung)

I always wanted to see this project printed.

So, over the weekend I went back to my writing and added punctuation and corrected grammar and of course let the software at Blurb run a spell check.
That was the best laugh of the weekend, should I change ‘don’t’ to ‘donut’ and ‘Miriam’ to ‘Miscarriage’ and a myriad of other hysterical substitutions.

So that was my weekend. A new bit of software learnt, pictures collected, words organised, review done and the ‘Buy Book’ button pressed.

Saying hello to fellow bloggers on a Monday is one of Sian’s brilliant ideas.

This is the cover of my book.

Pairs Week Twelve

East and West
From This Side and T’other Side

This is Flat Holm an Island in the Channel just five miles from Cardiff and Barry.
Looking at the Island from the East towards Weston in the West.

This is Flat Holm about ten miles from our bit of coast.
Looking at the Island towards the West which is my usual view.

Waving to you Brother.

Linking to Helena’s weekly meme

Oooh! Ive just thought of another Pair. Don’t you just love how that happens?