Pairs Week 47

I picked up some seeds or tree fruits at the weekend, there were plenty of these on the ground after the winds and rain at the end of last week.

I’m not that confident about identifying trees and mostly I forget to take a picture of the leaves

I think these are the fruit of the lime or linden tree

And these of the Holm Oak

I did remember to take this because in my mind I couldn’t put the Laurel like leaf with the acorn


I am more than happy to be corrected on my ID skills, :)

Thank you Helena

Pairs Week 46

In the park I spotted my Pair

A Duo of Dogs
Skinny and not so Skinny
A Set of Siblings
A Dash of Dachshunds.

They were absolutely adorable and looked so funny running around and under my greyhound.

And if you absolutely promise not to tell anyone…their owner was rather gorgeous too.



Thank you Helena

Pairs Week 45

Autumn Hedgerow Fruits, spotted on the dog walk. Everything looked so pretty in the afternoon sun.



Last week I had some technical issues which meant I couldn’t see my photos and resulted in the purchase of a new external storage drive on which I store my embarrassingly large photo collection! I made the post without pictures.

All is now well
Here are the photos for my Pairs week 44. I do hope you are not too disappointed? having used your wonderful imaginations from my barely adequate description I fear these will be a terrible let down. :(

Project one

A small flock of paper birds.


Since last week the flock has increased in size somewhat. I am watching two detective type programmes on the iPlayer and find the little birds keep appearing on my desk.

A Christmas one appeared last night

Christmas bird

Project two

Another project I did whilst watching the iPlayer/itvPlayer. (Im watching ‘River’ and ‘Unforgotten’)

Twigs and Beads

poppy seed head, bay leaves, twigs, lavender stem and flower, paper beads
wire and bead tree, rose stem and seed head,

Thanks for this lovely meme Helena

Pairs Week 44

This week my Pair are linked only by the fact that I made them both, but I think that however tenuous it still makes a pair.

So, the first project is a flock of birds cut from book pages. Shock! Horror! But I had it shipped from Finland especially (actually Ben brought it home for me) I figured that as I couldn’t read it I could happily cut it and it would be much more appreciated used in a craft project.
Anyway, the little black and white paper birds are perched on a branch (punched from book pages). Their wings are three dimensional and they have a little black eye drawn with a pen. They will be hung from a branch to flutter in the heat from a radiator. Their hanging loop, cut from heavy cotton is also their long spindly legs..Intriguing… I also made a couple out of Christmas paper and had the bird hold a twig in its beak but I’m not sure.

The second project I did is a three dimensional picture. Size 4″ x 12″ (Portrait). I covered a piece of heavy card with a green(y) scrapbook paper.
I collected twigs, stems and leaves from the garden and made some paper beads and a wire and bead ‘tree’. I painted some of the twigs red or green just to break up the brown a bit.
I stuck everything down onto the board in a row, top to bottom varying the widths of each item, but keeping the pieces within the width of the card. I am looking at it now and feel pleased. Not just with the making but the process and of course the finished projects.

Oh! you want to see them?

Ah! there in lies a little problem. I can’t see my photo library this morning! Paul is away and I have exhausted all my technical skills.

*Shut down/Restart the whole machine

Does anyone remember a blogger called Mel at ispeakmelsh? She did a daily photographic challenge and when the photo involved her family or a place that might be recognisable or traceable she would do this:



Normal service may or may not resume later.

Thank you for Pairs Helena