5 in 5

With Sandie at Itchifingers

Take as many photos as possible in five minutes and post five of them here..

We went to the zoo! we haven’t been for so long.
The penguins are a favourite of ours so I took loads of photos in five minutes. Here are five of my favourites.
The penguins were walking about in pairs, it was very sweet to watch them and the enclosure was incredibly smelly! Thank goodness this isn’t smell-a-blog I’m sure you would feint!
The children were all complaining very loudly, the parents were telling them to keep quiet, very loudly and the birds that live with the penguins were squawking louder that the rest put together! I was glad to leave but thrilled to be able to look at the penguins in the quiet and odour free place that is my room.






And the birds, Inca Terns, that live with the penguins.


Thank you Sandie


Week 31

I live very close to a junction on the extremely busy M5 motorway, consequently we use it all the time. I had the idea of using a few of my pictures (as a passenger) for Helena’s Snap!

Spotted whilst stuck in traffic on the motorway

Along the roadside  4

Along the roadside 3

Along the roadside 2


Thank you Helena.

ps You will notice I stuck to the rules this week, unlike a certain friend of mine! Mentioning no Maggies names :)