I haven’t been out much this past week and was struggling a bit for a Snap! for Helena’s meme.

Last night I looked in on Words with Friend and played Hump for 39 points. Not only was I pleased with that but I noticed our scores :) Helena! I thought quite loudly, hope I didn’t wake you?
So my Snap! this week is just one picture.
I hope it makes you smile.


Memorandum Monday and Winter Scavenger Hunt

I have more items for the Winter Scavenger Hunt by Joy and Eileen to show you. There is a link up at Eileen’s blog today.

Item 6 A puddle
Im sorry to say it has not been difficult to find a puddle around here lately!

Item 6 A puddle

Item 5 A snowman
I love the little face on this snowman

Item 5 A snowman

Item 4 A star

I saw this star from the top of a bus by the houses of parliament I thought the whole thing would be lit but no, but I do like it.

Item 4 A star

Item 3 Outside lighting

This was one of so many beautifully lit trees around Canary Wharf in London just before Christmas. It was magical
Item 3 Outside lighting

Memorandum Monday:

I have daffodils in the house, my first this year.


Paul asked me what the difference between a daffodil and a narcissus was and as I was telling him I thought “this isn’t right” so I stopped speaking and looked it up. For someone who loves to know and use the botanical name for plants I was shocked!
Narcissus is actually the botanical name for all daffodils. The type most often sold under the name “narcissus” is actually a different species, Paperwhite Narcissus, which is a smaller plant with smaller, white flowers. Blimey! Oh! and jonquils are Narcissus too. Thank goodness for Sian at High in the sky. I’ve written it down, its gone from head to hand to paper (well electronic paper) that way it will stick.
Waving to you on a bright Monday 1st February afternoon. Hope you have a good week

Short Stories

In Six Words.

This weeks word is Wait.

I am using this list list if you would like to join me?
Thank you to Helena, Maggie, Mary-Lou, and Jane, who joined in last week. I’ll make a linky for us.


If you posted a Short Story and I haven’t said Thank You, Please will you let me know?
I am still getting back into the swing of things on the blogging front and a bit slow visiting.


Oh! and I think Rinda’s idea of maybe using the list of words as art journalling prompts is brilliant!

Week 3 January 29th 2016