ICAD Weeks 4, 5 and 6

I have been continuing with Tammy’s Index Card A Day challenge even though I haven’t been able to blog for a few weeks.
The challenge is almost over, just 4 days to go.
So, here are my cards for weeks 4, 5 and 6 in a slideshow again.

My cards on Flickr

Thanks for looking and thank you for the lovely e-mails enquiring after my whereabouts…you are very kind x

Six Words

My Memory Art six word fridays

I missed posting Adriennes word for Friday 20th which was Wave

SWF Wave

And this week it is Circle

SWF Circle

“Windmills Of Your Mind” was written by Legrand, Michel / Bergman, Alan / Bergman, Marilyn and sung by Sting in the film the Thomas Crown Affair.

ZIZO 25 and 26

Last week Week 25 I was zooming in and out up at the forge in the old quarry. Unfortunately for us it was closed but for Helelna’s meme I made my ZIZO of the lovely Sunflower that we had wanted to see up close & personal. Hooray for photo editing.

Zoom In Week 25

Zoom Out 25

This week, who can believe that we are half way through the year with week 26! I have been Zooming in and out around my Philadelphus. Still trying to make the perfect picture.

I can’t resist another look through my lens at the beautiful blossom on this lovely shrub. It has been wonderful this year, I wish I could let you breath in the orange fragrance; it just says ‘summer evening’ to me.
This afternoon I wasn’t the only one enjoying the plant. I noticed a couple of ants running up and down with no apparent agenda, a few bees laden with pollen and a few thousand black fly just sitting there devouring a stem! I could have done with zooming out a bit more for these! The one little lady bird that I spotted will have her work cut out when/if she sees them!

Zoom in philadelphus

Zoom out black fly and ant

Zoom in Bee

Zoom out ant and bee

Zoom in Bee 2

Don’t you just love the bees with their heads right up inside the flower?

This lovely meme is Helena’s. I wonder what treasures I’ll find over at her blog this week?

Index Card A Day

Week 3

I am keeping up with Daisy Yellow’s prompts and am loving spending a little time each day playing with pencil & paper.

I was watching my son & his friends over the weekend faffing about with so much electronic equipment, ensuring this was charged, that had the latest update and don’t mention the various apps that had to be downloaded. I retreated quietly to my desk and got out some paper, paints and glue and had some time to myself smiling that I knew about pens, paper and crayons, a pencil sharpener and a rubber Hmmm now where are those scissors?…

Here are my days 15 – 21 in a slideshow again.

Summer of Colour Weeks 2 & 3

Week 2 and a new dwelling has been added to Colourful Close.

These are last weeks colours
SoC 2

I was inspired by Rinda to put some words on my little houses.

Hope House, No. 2, Colourful Close.
SoC 2 Hope House

And the colours for Week 3

SoC 3

Comfort Cottage, No. 3, Colourful Close.

SoC 3

My beautiful dark plum (magenta with a tiny drop of grey) on the windows and doors looks black in the picture! and the grey looks blue! I’ll have to get the little houses outside for a proper photo shoot.

SoC 123

Thank you Kristin