Pairs Week 25 & 26

For week 25 I had this pair ready but wasn’t able to post. I took it at Maunsel Lock where we were two weeks ago now.

A Pair of Pollinators



For Week 26
I was thinking it won’t be long before The Shaun’s, (the Sheep) will be in Bristol and remembered I have a couple of Magnets that are a Pair

A Devoted Pair


Thank you Helena for this lovely meme. It’s hard to imagine that we are half way through the year!!

Go Wild for Nature 30/30

Nature Watch

This has got to be my favourite piece of nature spotting this month. Something I have never seen before. The pictures aren’t great but you can clearly see what’s happening. I was super excited and stood watching this for ages. I didn’t want to go in to get my long lens or tripod so just took a chance that I would get something to share with you. If you click on the picture you will see it larger.
The ‘thing’ the wasp is building its nest in is a decorative water sprinkler hanging on the same bracket as my basket of pansies.



I have loved this challenge so much, thanks for looking :)

30 Days crop