Six Words

My word for this week is Day


Celebrating in Amsterdam with a mate.
“What will you do?” inquired his mother.
He looked at his dad with a twinkle in his eye
Then he looked at his mum.

“I’ll visit an art gallery mother” and gave me a hug.

Happy Birthday Ben :)

Folding Pages

I have been folding book pages for a few weeks now. I have always admired book art in all its forms. A few years ago I folded every magazine that came through the door into beautiful Christmas trees! Obsessed was a word heard a few times around here then.

Here’s what Ive been up to.

The Heart of the Travelling Matchmaker
The instructions didn’t say to start in the middle of the book and count backwards and forwards! I’m going to re-do this.


Butterfly Mind


Blue Harbour


Infrequently Opened

The Cloister and the Hearth
A PHD (project half done) This book is very small and has 720 very fine pages, it reminds me of a prayer book and is called ‘The Cloister and the Hearth’ I just want to see how fine pages fold. I do a few pages when I’m waiting for something – ideas, pages to load, doctors appointment, YouTube video’s, you know the sort of thing?


It’s lots of fun and takes my mind off a health issue I have which is being investigated over the last two and next two weeks.
Obviously all will be well, I’ll keep folding, will let you know and show you the finished ‘Cloister’ – eventually!

Pairs Week 16

It’s everywhere! Rhubarb that is. I nearly bought a crown this week but fortunately resisted. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do, just once in a crumble is fabulous and that’s enough for me.
Anyway last year during week 15 of Helena’s Zoom In/Zoom Out meme I posted these pictures. I’ve re-purposed them into Outside/Inside for Pairs – just because I can and I absolutely love the colours of rhubarb and terracotta together.