Pairs Week 34

Before and After or With and Without Seeds.

I absolutely love the shapes here.

Pairs-With Seeds


Thank you Helena, this lovely meme is keeping me going in blog land just now.
Today is the first day of my radiotherapy, I’m taking all your love with me. Think of me if you have a moment?

Pairs Week 33

I had a walk in the jungle that is supposed to be a garden to check on our little pear tree. Still no sign of a partridge though.

Ah Ha! Pairs! Helenas wonderful weekly meme popped into my head.
I thought this might make you smile.


Thank you Helena

Needs Must

“Why have we invested 50p in two bunches of dead dahlias?’ He asked shaking his head.

“To photograph their beauty and to press some petals of course!” I said

I took them home, sorted the good from the not so good, sorted long stems and short stems and kept some buds.
I took the small vase of short stems up to my room with my phone. The light was fading, much like some of the dahlias, but needs must.

I don’t have the energy yet to go out on a photo walk with my friend and our cameras but I know a garden full of dahlias which the lady of the house picks, and puts out on a table for sale. £1 a bunch if they are ‘alive’(!) She had been away and these two bunches were long past their best so she would only take 50p for them all.

It was a short car ride away, an extremely small financial investment, I had fun photographing them and this morning pulled off lots of petals and put them in my flower press. Oh! and hanging upside down in a bulldog clip are three buds, drying nicely in the breeze… more photo fodder.

Needs must as they say.

I still have a very large vase of the long stems yet to photograph. I just need a little more energy and some light would be nice, it is very overcast here today.


Thank you for the e-mails, I really appreciate them. Have nice weekends.:)

Pairs Week 31

I was looking for a particular picture in my photo library this week and came across a pair for today. I hope that’s in the rules?
Homophone. Same sound different spelling and meaning





This is the Beach at Southerndown near Glamorgan S. Wales

Thank you Helena

Me, Right Now…an update

Four weeks ago today I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

A lot has happened to me during those weeks, but the last visit to the hospital on 29th July resulted in the knowledge that by removing my womb, my cancer went with it. Wonderful news!

I’m so glad I remained positive and cheerful throughout those 4 weeks, the many trips to hospital and the many phone calls both made and received. I am sure it will help me with the next steps.

The surgery also removed everything in the pelvis area that ‘you don’t need, including your appendix’ the surgeon told me. Unfortunately, I have been left with a “high risk” of the cancer re-occurring in the one place I have left. The top of my vagina, now stitched closed at the join where my cervix was and the lymph nodes in the pelvic area. So, the oncologist has advised me to have 25 sessions of radiotherapy to give me the best chance. As soon as I am recovered from the surgery the next stage will begin. 5 daily sessions at the Bristol hospital for 5 weeks.

I am praying for strength and positivity to get me through. Can I ask you to send your prayers/positive thoughts out to me again? You have all been so wonderful to me during the past few weeks. I have had so many cards, e-mails, comments on my blog and get well wishes on Instagram that I have been truly overwhelmed.

Before I went in to hospital for my operation I punched hearts out of card stock and wrote on the back of each one the names of my family, friends, blog friends, IG friends and people I hardly know then I put the paper hearts into a pretty box and took it with me. A box of love sat on my table for 5 days. Now I have put them into a box frame and hung it on my wall right here where I can see them each time I spend a little time on my Mac.

Thank you again for all the love. You are very special people x

Every heart carries a message of love


I am still posting to Instagram, you can find me here.